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    The quest to know what the future holds is something that many people aspire for. Well, according to western astrology, it’s really simple to predict the future.

    All that one needs is to know his/her own birth sign and follow religiously everything that’s said about the sign by astrologers. All players eager to follow their signs simply need to play the highly exciting ReelPlay powered Zodiac Infinity Reels slot that comes with a default three reels that keep on extending outwards to the right when luck goes your way.


    The backdrop of this online slot depicts a stunning cosmic landscape acting as the game’s background graphics.


    To scoop the game’s excellent payouts, players need to match identical symbols on the reels. The icons that players will be aiming to match include the zodiac wheel icon, a male character, a female character on a green portrait, a female character on a pink portrait, a female character on a blue portrait, flame icon, triangular green artifact, purple artifact, ‘?’ icon, a sun icon and a half moon icon.




    5 4 3 2
    A male character 5
    A female character on a green portrait 4
    A female character on a pink portrait and a female character on a blue portrait – Of the same nature 3
    Flame icon, purple artifact, ‘?’ icon, and a triangular green artifact – Of the same nature 2
    A sun icon and a half moon icon – Of the same nature 1


    • Wild: The zodiac sign acts as the game’s substituting symbol. Players ought to note that at the start of the gaming session, they are afforded the chance to pick their zodiac sign from the 12 western zodiac signs. The sign the player picks will thus act as the game’s wild icon.
    • Scatter: The zodiac wheel icon represents the scatter symbol.

    • Infinity Reels: The game starts with three reels. However, if the rightmost reel improves any winning combination, an extra reel is added. Soon after, the new reel is spun and if it too improves the winning combination, an extra reel is awarded. The cycle keeps repeating itself until winning combinations aren’t improved. By the rightmost reel. Win lines are only evaluated and paid after the final reel is added.
    • Symbol Multiplier: During the gaming session, the symbol multiplier is always active. The symbol multiplier starts at 1 during the base game. It increases by 1 every time a new reel is added. In the free spins round, the symbol multiplier starts at 1. However, depending on the outcome of the wheel feature, it increases by 1 and 7 each time an extra reel is added.
    • Infinity Bonus: Each time the 13th reel is reached during gameplay, an instant prize of 888x the total bet is awarded.
    • Wheel Feature: The wheel feature triggers when the player lands a zodiac wheel winning combination. Once the feature triggers, 8 free spins and a symbol win multiplier starting at 1 is awarded but stored. Before players can start using the awarded free spins, they first need to spin the zodiac wheel. From the resultant wheel spin, players stand a chance of winning extra free spins, increasing their symbol win multiplier or winning instant prizes. Players ought to note that the wheel consists of five wheels. When the player wins instant prizes, the feature comes to an end. However, when players win extra free spins or improve symbol win multiplier values, the awarded prizes are stored and players progress to the next wheel. Players who successfully reach the last wheel that is, the fifth wheel get to spina wheel that offers only jackpot prizes. The jackpot prizes that players stand to win include Mini (10x total bet), Minor (25x total bet), Major (100x total bet) and Grand (1000x total bet).
    • Free Spins: This feature triggers soon after the completion of the Wheel Feature. When it triggers, players receive the total number of stored free spins during the wheel feature. Likewise, the player receives the symbol win multiplier that corresponds to the stored symbol win multiplier during the wheel feature. Four extra free spins are awarded during the round when a zodiac wheel winning combination pops up on the reels.


    Players are afforded the chance to pick their zodiac sign at the start of the game. As such, one’s luck during the gaming session is dependent upon his/her zodiac sign. With all western zodiac signs renowned for being bearers of fortune, the probability of scooping huge wins during the gaming session is very high.

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