The creator of this video is Steve Bourie who is the author of the American Casino Guide book. This book has been published each and every year from 1992.

Steve has a huge 40 plus years of experience in the gambling business. If you don’t get his book at least watch some of his awesome videos that provide plenty of free tips to getting that casino edge while playing.

In this video Steve and Matt Bourie provide us with 4 super tips about playing casino slots. A basic fast breakdown of the video is as follows:

Tip 1 – Join the players club.

Every casino has a players rewards club so make sure you sign up and get every possible benefit from one. You can avail yourself of things like free rebates, comped rooms, free shows, nice gifts and food / drink freebies of just a few examples.

Do not believe the hype that because your are in the players club and if you get a big win then the casino “turns down” your future pays to get their money back.

Every benefit that you take gets you advantage with a player’s rewards membership.

Tip 2 – Set a budget for your gaming

No matter if you are playing for an hour at your local slots venue or taking a trip away to Vegas make sure you set a budget and stick with it.

Make sure you play the right amount of coins for your budget allowance and think about this before you hit that spin button for the very first time.

You will not want to play dollar machines if you are going to be playing every day for hours if your budget does not allow for this high level of denomination play.

You should be playing penny or nickel games to ensure that you are not broke prematurely.

Tip 3 – Watch your bets

You should bet only the required amount of coins to be able to score the bonus feature. The bonus feature is what you are looking to trigger as it may provide a better RTP % above the base game pays.

Playing the machine with not enough coins to trigger the bonus is not recommended.

View the game rules screen to know the required amount of coins needed to trigger the bonus or jackpot features on the machine.

Tip 4 – Stay out of the fast lane

Don’t play the game like you are driving in a Nascar race, keep the pace at a casual and steady pace.

Don’t play more than one machine at a time.

Let the game spins stop automatically, don’t interfere with the standard spin speeds.

Buddy up play, enjoy watching your friend play and vice a versa.

And always gamble responsibility and don’t gamble what you cannot afford to lose.

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